“ Creepy Acres "

When a new paranormal investigative TV show, CryptidQuest, offers a colossal reward for proof of cryptids (creatures not recognized by science such as Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, Yeti, etc.) the monsters of legend and lore suddenly find themselves hunted by man.

Forced from their homes and on the run, these mysterious beings begin to encounter each other for the first time where word spreads quickly of a secret sanctuary for their kind. Now, with the public and the CryptidQuest crew closing in, the cryptids begin a quest of their own…

…Find the legendary Creepy Acres, and don’t get caught. 

Our Story So Far...

Creepy Acres is about the cast of a television show that investigates the sightings of cryptids (Various creatures not recognized by science. ex Bigfoot, the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster)
as those very cryptids do their best to avoid detection and hide the existence of their home and sanctuary, Creepy Acres.

In the 1970’s...

… there was only one show that all Americans tuned in for, CryptidQuest. The host and creator of that show, Nathaniel Leonards, was like a king sitting on a throne of an empire fashioned from the human need of wanting to understand the unknown.

His face was everywhere: talk shows, books, magazines, movies, toys, comic books, t-shirts, novelties, etc. Nathaniel Leonards was a house hold name. He was a celebrity. He was revered, and he was doomed.

Just as his star was burning brightest, tragedy struck. Nathaniel had promised durning a special LIVE episode of his show, CryptidQuest, he would unviel undeniable proof that we shared our world with monsters.


That proof came in the form of a mysterious man ape type creature found frozen in a block of ice. Nathaniel planned to reveal this amazing find on live TV. Unfortunately, that night during the show, under the bright lights of the studio, the ice block melted revealing the creature inside to be a hoax.

Nathaniel proclaimed his innocence. He insisted that he was the victim of a conspiracy, but it was too late, the damage was done, and CryptidQuest was canceled. Nathaniel’s once glorious empire began to look more like a house of cards.

Quickly his once adoring fan labeled him a fraud. Now, treated as a pariah, his star quickly faded.

As the years passed he fell into obscurity and was all but forgotten.

The years pass…

Now decades later, the public once again has a renewed interest in the paranormal, but there is no longer just a national audience to contend with.

Instead, with endless channels on cable television and satellite TV, and various Internet services like VULU, FLICKLICKS, NETBITS, the audience is now world wide.

This new globilaztion means people around the world are in constant communication with each other. Because of this, there is a seeming upsurge in the awareness and sightings of cryptid creatures. People around the world have questions and one man may have the answers.

It is time for the return of Nathaniel Leonards.

It is time for the return of CryptidQuest.

CryptidQuest Crew Assemble!

Nathaniel sets out to gather the finest team of researchers, scientists, audio and video professionals, and investigators; however, with all the other numerous paranormal investigation shows he finds slim pickings in those departments. Instead, CryptidQuest ends up with the only three individuals who answer the ad.

Tara Nichols, an investigative reporter who’s driven by a need to expose the truth and prove her abilities as a journalist.

Gerard, a cameraman who is still haunted by the event he witnessed early in his career.

Bernie, an audio professional who’s just taking this gig until he gets his career as a DJ going.

Rewarding pursuits

With a less than stellar team, almost no budget, and a spoke person who’s name has become synonomuous with hoaxes; CryptidQuest needs something to grab viewers, regain it’s reputation, and set it apart from similar shows. It needed a hook.

In order to survive Nathaniel has become a master of manipulation. He knows what drives people and what motivates them, greater than knowledge and wonder is fear and greed.

So during a live promotion for the show, Nathaniel announces that the new CryptidQuest will be investigating the sightings of it’s viewers, and it will pay a reward of 400 million dollars to the first viewer who’s tip leads to undeniable proof that we share our world with cryptids… with monsters.


Phone calls begin to stream into the tip hotline, and the CryptidQuest crew is sent to investigate these various claims. There is no shortage of people desperate to claim the prize money.

The only issue is that there is no money for a reward. Nathaniel lied to jump start interest in the show and increase viewership. The tactic worked well. Maybe too well! With 400 million dollars on the line, the public goes crazy.

Instantly the masses are out scouring the forests, searching old abandoned buildings, dredging lakes, spelunking old mines and caves, all in an atempt to be the first to collect the momentous reward.


Sam Squatch has been living a pretty quiet ordinary life, for a sasquatch that is. Over the years he traded his baser animal insticts away for the comforts of  modern life.

Yes, Sam is good at a many things, but being a sasquatch isn’t one of them. Instead of a cave or traditional nest of weeds Sam lives in an underground one bedroom afficincy in the forest . Instead of eating off the land, he survives on a diet fit for a college kid: microwave burritos, pizza, booze, and chips. Instead of spending his days wandering through the forest, he binge watches his favorite shows on the streaming service NETBITS.

It was a quiet and simple life, or at least it was until one night…

CryptidQuest premiere!

…while cooking dinner Sam is interrupted by a new show premiering on TV,  CryptidQuest. Sam is surprised to see that the show is interviewing a man who claims to have had a run in with Bigfoot. Sam has never seen this man before and he watches in horror as the man paints  Sam as a deviant sexual predator on national television.

Instantly he is contacted by his various cousins around the world who’s reactions vary from sympathetic and confused to agressive and hostile.

On the run!

By the end of CryptidQuest's first episode, the forest around Sam’s home is crawling with humans desperate to claim the 4 hundred-million dollar reward at any cost.

Sam, now forced from his home and on the run, hangs all his hopes on an old faded brochure his dad left him years ago for place called Creepy Acres.

It is described as a sancuary of sorts for monsters and cyrptids, the exact kinds of creatures Cryptidquest now has everyone hunting for. Sam's only hope is to find this fabled place before the humans find him.

To be continued...

Shawn Engelmann

Growing up in the wilds of Minnesota, Shawn Engelmann’s 2 favorite shows as a child were "In Search Of… “ with Leonard Nimoy and “The Muppet Show”. They would remain close to his heart, even as he entered college to pursue a career as an English teacher. After the sudden realization that he hated children, he turned his academic attention instead toward graphic design and multimedia, after 7 years he eventually graduated form college with a degree in something or other, he doesn’t really remember what. So don’t ask.

Shawn originally conceived the idea for Creepy Acres after building the first Sam Squatch puppet and filming a mock interview of Bigfoot auditioning for a paranormal investigation show titled ParaQuest. Creepy Acres is the culmination of his many varied interests including: puppetry, character design, writing, comedy, hearing himself talk, , forcing others to listen to him talk, unexplained phenomoinon, and Crytozoology.

Performances: Voice and Puppetry on Sam Squatch and Abner. Puppetry on Farmer children, Yeti, Skunk Ape, Ned Shaver, Hunter Darlene, Hunter Dale.  Additional puppetry on Tara Nichols, Willard Farmer, Convience Store Billy.

Ed Cichocki

Carved from the heart of a dying dwarf star, our technical expert Ed Cichocki runs much of the behind the scenes opperations of the show. When he’s not monitoring sound equipment or cameras on set, or reviewing the website, he can be found creating the various animation pieces used in Creepy Acres and Scorched Pencils. That is if we can talk him off the ledge long enough to work on them.

Ed has even on occasion lent his voice and an extra hand (literally) in front of the camera.

Performances: Voice of Ned Shaver, Puppetry on Farmer baby. Additional puppetry on Yeti, Gerard, Sam Squatch, Convience Store Billy.

Gordon Smuder

Lured with the promise that we’d tell him where we hid his car keys, professional puppeteer Gordon Smuder did us the distint honor of performing the very first puppet ever created or filmed for Creepy Acres, Willard Farmer. His professionalism was evident right from the beginning in that never once did he ask “ Why did I agree to this?” or “What is this garbage I'm reading?”.

His skills and talent set the bar for everything that would follow, and from that day on we sailed easily under that bar with plenty of room to spare. Creator of The Puppet Forge, Gordon is also know for Translyvania TV and Vermin.

Performances: Voice and Puppetry of  Willard Farmer and Doug the Raccoon.

Benjamin Coler

(Born December 9) Ben Coler is an american actor and puppeteer. According to the local legend himself, this project was a dream come true for him. His many friends have long compared him to the North American Sasquatch, which he took to mean "Furry, blurry, and in a hurry”; However, he has since learned they simply meant that he never managed to get in front of a camera. Although, the "furry" part isn't too far off.

When he isn't lending a hand with various indie film nonsense, Ben enjoys taking standardized tests, scavenging in the clearance aisles of big-box retail stores, and pining after movie starlets he'll never meet on this side of a pane of bullet-proof glass.

Performances: Voice and Puppetry on Yowie, Orang Pendek, Hunter Terry, and Jerry the Opossum. Additional puppetry on Willard Farmer, Convience Store Billy, and Sam Squatch.

Lys Akerman-Frank

Puppeteer Lys Akerman-Frank was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She would eventually move to Minnesota where fate would bring her into contact with the crew of Creepy Acres.

Being the only female puppeteer who after reading the script didn’t proceed to spit in our face, we knew she was exactly what we were looking for! Her distinct voice performance gives the Creepy Acres character of Tara Nichols a personality all her own.

Performances: Voice and Puppetry on Tara Nichols

Jeremy Olson

Jeremy is a self described "cartoon trapped inside a man's body"… A really, really, really, dark cartoon. Like a cartoon about "baby food" that's literally made from ground up babies kind of dark. Like a cartoon about "baby food" that's literally made from ground up babies AND that in turn is fed to other babies kinda dark. Yeah, that kinda dark, and we decided he was exactly what we needed! He's a man of a million voices and we used him for only one! Just another testament to our never think things through attitude!

We here at Creepy Acres can't wait to work with him again, and just as soon as we locate the exact blood ritual we need to contain him within the summoning circle, we're gonna do just that!

Performances: Voice of Skunk Ape and Convience Store Billy

Chad David

Chad David is a working voice-over actor and comedy writer in Minneapolis. He occasionally helps with script punch-ups and story plotting when the opportunity arises. He also writes radio serials and other random entertainment. He's also a devout movie and sci-fi buff, with a giant love of Nessie and robots that turn into other things and beat the bejeezus out of each other.

He was described by college professors as "a satirist of humanity's dark side".

He mainly brings this up when people ask him to write bios about himself.

December Mackedanz

December grew up in a one horse town in rural Minnesota. After spending many years working in the entertainment industry she fulfilled her dreams of getting out of the one horse town and moving to the big city which meant out of Minnesota and heading west. Luckily she got past Nebraska and made it to Los Angeles, more specifically “The Valley” (yes, THAT Valley – which if you would of known her as a teenager it was quite the foretelling.) There she came into her own with her knack for being overly organized and high attention to details affording her the ability to work her way up the corporate ladder into the Director of Operations for Film Music Publications and later as the Operations Manager of L.A. Electricom. After 10 years in L.A. she returned home to the frozen tundra of MN where she worked managing the social profiles of various clients.

Her favorite foods are cheese and bacon. Her dream career is Evil Overlord or the person who names colors obnoxious names. Lastly she isn’t old enough yet to be responsible for anything else living, not even a plant. Frankly we don’t let her get too close to the puppets either.

December monitors all of our social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

CryptidQuest Crew

The team that makes up the CryptidQuest crew is varied. From the show’s host, Nathaniel Leonards, who’s belief in the paranormal and cryptids extends back to a time before disco, to Gerard, the camera man who could care less whether the paranormal and cryptids exist at all. They are an eclectic bunch that fate has decided to throw together.

Nathaniel Leonards

In the 70’s the biggest hit TV show was Cryptid-Quest, and it’s host Nathaniel Leonards was the biggest star in America. Every week his show investigated claims of supernatural creatures and unknown beasts. That was, until the ill fated episode that seemingly exposed him as a fraud. His reputation was ruined.

Never once did he falter in his claims that he was innocent and that his show had been sabotaged, but the damage was done. Nathaniel Spent the next few decades barely scraping by, but his fans and the public, feeling betrayed, had abandoned him. Eventually, over the years Nathaniel’s infamy faded, but so did his relevance.

Now, decades later, with TV watchers clamoring for more and more programs involving the world of the paranormal, Nathaniel has returned to television with a new show, a new crew, and a new found drive to rebuild his former empire, prove his innocence, and see himself vindicated.

Tara Nichols

Ms. Nichols only wants one thing in life, to be taken seriously as a reporter. For years she has fought to expose the truth, but its becoming more and more appartent that no one’s interested in real truth. Rather, they want scandals and gossip. Undetered by the crumbling state of journalism, She decides to put here talents to good use investigating the unknown. Tara doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but as the investigations continue to pile up she’s slowly becoming a believer.


Few people have truly seen the horrors man is capable of. Gerard is one of those people. Through the lens of his camera he has seen things he can never forget, horrible unspeakable things. Even now, 20 years later he is haunted by the memory of the day he watched his friend and coworker get ripped apart by an angry mob of vicious animals. It was while he was covering the Black Friday Sales during the TIckle Me Elmo craze circa 1996. After the doors opened that fateful day, no one was laughing.


Bernard, sometimes Bernie, but to his closest friends he’s simply known as Burn: has only 3 passions: zombie movies, audio equipment, and microwave burritos. Running the audio equipment for CryptidQuest is just another gig for Bernie until his DJ career finally takes off. He’s been waiting for it to take off for the last 10 years.

Giovanni Aldopos

Giovanni Aldopos is the resident expert CryptidQuest goes to when they want answers to the truly perplexing questions.


When CryptidQuest needs an artist, there is only one man to call, former marine turned tattoo artist, Gray.

The Interview Subjects

The CrytidQuest crew has interviewed scores of people, but only a handful ever turn out to be worth pursuing after the initial meeting.

Willard Farmer

Hermit, father, widower, curmudgeon, hill billy, red neck… Willard has been many things in his life. Most recently, he claims to be the survivor of a Bigfoot's unwanted attention. To put it another way, on a cold winter night a sasquatch made Willard Farmer his own personal hand puppet.

The Farmer Children

Willard Farmer’s children are typical children as they just don’t know how to listen.

Ned Shaver

Ned Shaver lives just up the road from Willad Farmer and his kids. Seemingly, he shares his old shack with countless chicken that he refers to as his "special ladies”.

Other Humans

The CrytidQuest crew has interviewed scores of people, but only a handful ever turn out to be worth pursuing after the initial meeting.

Convience Store Billy

Owner of a  local convience store, Billy sometimes hires himself out as a professnional tracker. His best friend since childhood is a hunter named Dale. Billy’s set his mind to collecting the reward offered by CryptidQuest so he can stop being known as Convience Store Billy and start being known as Rich as Shit  Billy.


Terry has a shocking amount of knowledge when it comes to Bigfoot but doesn’t know much about anything else. He’s desperate to claim the reward offered by CryptidQuest so he can rub it in the face of everyone who ever laughed at his belief in Bigfoot.


Dale only knows 2 things, hunting and fishing. When he’s not in a deer stand  or a fishing boat he can be found hanging out with his best friend Billy. Dale wants more than anything to claim the reward offered by CryptidQuest so he can hunt and fish all over the world.


Darlene lives off the land, and the only thing she loves more than her guns is a good Opossum stew. Darlene doesn’t care if she claims CryptidQuest’s Reward. She just likes shooting stuff.

The Cryptids (so far)

Countless Cryptids and monsters lurk the world of Creepy Acres. Some are well known such as Bigfoot and the Yeti, while others are more obscure like the Thetis Lake Monster. Whatever the case, big or small, furry or scaly, they all have a home at Creepy Acres.

Sam Squatch

Sam Squatch is just an ordinary guy. He loves his mom, his privacy, junk food, booze, and binge watching his favorite shows.

While Sam is goood at many things, being a sasquatch isn’t one of them. He traded his natural animal instincts in long ago for an unlimited data plan for his iPhone.

Instead of a cave or some kind of nest made from weeds, Sam lives in an underground 1 bedroom apartment in the middle of the forest. Every Tuesday he calls his mom after taco night and every month he orders the WWA’s porfessional wrestling pay-per-view.

It was simple and boring. He had the perfect life, that was until the debut of a new TV show, “CryptidQuest”.

Now Sam finds himelf on the run framed for a crime he didn’t commit and shunned by his cryptid cousins.

Skunk Ape

Every family has one…

Living in the swamps of Florida along side the meth labs and gators is a racist, biggoted, misogynistic, red neck known as the Skunk Ape.

Always looking for another fight or another beer, the Skunk Ape is a complete social disaster. The only thing he loves more than kicking ass and the confederate flag is his uncle daddy.


While the Australian Yowie closely resembles his North American cousin Sam Squatch, he does differ in a few ways.

1. He speaks with a thick Australian accent that makes him barely intelligible.

2. He’s far more at home in the wild.

When he’s not knocking drop bears out of trees he can be found sitting at home drinking beer and playing with his budgie.


Living like a recluse in the Himalayian Mountains for decades, the Yeti has grown sad, lonely and frustrated. Where as his North American cousin, Sam Squatch, lives in a one bedroom studio aprtment in the forest surrounded by the trappings of modern life, the Yeti lives in a desolate cave high in the mountains.

There his only companions seem to be the ice and the howling wind, and this has made him desperate for contact with someone… anyone!

Max von Shreek

Max Von Shreek gave up the life of a bloodsucking demon years ago to pursue a different kind of night life, the life of a stand up vampire.

The only thing sharper than his fangs is his tongue and the only thing more offensive than his jokes is the stench of death about him.

Orang Pendek

The Orang Pendek, other than wandering around the jungles of Sumatra, spends most of his time on Twitter where he follows his cousin Sam Squatch’s mom among others.

The only thing shorter that the Orang Pendek’s height is his temper. A cranky little hominid, the Orang Pendek has little patience for fools; however, he thinks EVERYONE is a fool including his cousin Sam.


Abner is an orange ball of fur and anger.

In the 50’s he was the first monster the American government put into the top secret internment camp for monsters known as “Creepy Acres”. He remained there for decades until an American president pardoned the creatures.

The camp was then turned over to the monsters who made it into a sanctuary for paranormal creatures.

Abner left and moved into a remote abandoned shack where he hoped he’d just be left alone, but as the search for cryptids increases Abner finds more and more monsters knocking at his door looking for directions to the fabeled “Creepy Acres”.


Not just humans and cryptids populate the world of Creepy Acres as various animals can also be found!

Doug the Raccoon

Forest dweller, and part time trash bandit, Doug is as smart as he is furry. Living in a stump next door to his best friend Jerry Doug hopes someday to be the one who makes the trash and not just the one who eats it.

Jerry the Opossum

Jerry is just a simple Opposum that wants more than anything to just hang out with his buddy Doug. He wouldn’t hurt  fly, or at least that’s what he wants you to think.