The CryptidQuest Crew

The team that makes up the CryptidQuest crew is varied. From the show’s host, Nathaniel Leonards, who’s belief in the paranormal and cryptids extends back to a time before disco, to Gerard, the camera man who could care less whether the paranormal and cryptids exist at all. They are an eclectic bunch that fate has decided to throw together.


In the 70’s the biggest hit TV show was Cryptid-Quest, and it’s host Nathaniel Leonards was the biggest star in America. Every week his show investigated claims of supernatural creatures and unknown beasts. That was, until the ill fated episode that seemingly exposed him as a fraud. His reputation was ruined.

Never once did he falter in his claims that he was innocent and that his show had been sabotaged, but the damage was done. Nathaniel Spent the next few decades barely scraping by, but his fans and the public, feeling betrayed, had abandoned him. Eventually, over the years Nathaniel’s infamy faded, but so did his relevance.

Now, decades later, with TV watchers clamoring for more and more programs involving the world of the paranormal, Nathaniel has returned to television with a new show, a new crew, and a new found drive to rebuild his former empire, prove his innocence, and see himself vindicated.

Tara Nichols

Ms. Nichols only wants one thing in life, to be taken seriously as a reporter. For years she has fought to expose the truth, but its becoming more and more apparent that no one’s interested in real truth. Rather, they want scandals and gossip. Undeterred by the crumbling state of journalism, She decides to put here talents to good use investigating the unknown. Tara doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but as the investigations continue to pile up she’s slowly becoming a believer.


Few people have truly seen the horrors man is capable of. Gerard is one of those people. Through the lens of his camera he has seen things he can never forget, horrible unspeakable things. Even now, 20 years later he is haunted by the memory of the day he watched his friend and coworker get ripped apart by an angry mob of vicious animals. It was while he was covering the Black Friday Sales during the Tickle Me Elmo craze circa 1996. After the doors opened that fateful day, no one was laughing.


Bernard, sometimes Bernie, but to his closest friends he’s simply known as Burn: has only 3 passions: zombie movies, audio equipment, and microwave burritos. Running the audio equipment for CryptidQuest is just another gig for Bernie until his DJ career finally takes off. He’s been waiting for it to take off for the last 10 years.

Giovanni Aldopos

Giovanni Aldopos is the resident expert CryptidQuest goes to when they want answers to the truly perplexing questions.


When CryptidQuest needs an artist, there is only one man to call, former marine turned tattoo artist, Gray.

The Interview Subjects

The CrytidQuest crew has interviewed scores of people, but only a handful ever turn out to be worth pursuing after the initial meeting.

Willard Farmer

Hermit, father, widower, curmudgeon, hill billy, red neck… Willard has been many things in his life. Most recently, he claims to be the survivor of a Bigfoot's unwanted attention. To put it another way, on a cold winter night a sasquatch made Willard Farmer his own personal hand puppet.

The Farmer Children

Willard Farmer’s children are typical children as they just don’t know how to listen.

Ned Shaver

Ned Shaver lives just up the road from Willard Farmer and his kids. Seemingly, he shares his old shack with countless chicken that he refers to as his "special ladies”.

Other Humans

The CrytidQuest crew has interviewed scores of people, but only a handful ever turn out to be worth pursuing after the initial meeting. 

Convenience Store Billy

Owner of a local convenience store, Billy sometimes hires himself out as a professional tracker. His best friend since childhood is a hunter named Dale. Billy’s set his mind to collecting the reward offered by CryptidQuest so he can stop being known as Convenience Store Billy and start being known as Rich as Shit Billy.


Terry has a shocking amount of knowledge when it comes to Bigfoot but doesn’t know much about anything else. He’s desperate to claim the reward offered by CryptidQuest so he can rub it in the face of everyone who ever laughed at his belief in Bigfoot.


Dale only knows 2 things, hunting and fishing. When he’s not in a deer stand or a fishing boat he can be found hanging out with his best friend Billy. Dale wants more than anything to claim the reward offered by CryptidQuest so he can hunt and fish all over the world.


Darlene lives off the land, and the only thing she loves more than her guns is a good Opossum stew. Darlene doesn’t care if she claims CryptidQuest’s Reward. She just likes shooting stuff.

The Cryptids (so far)

Countless Cryptids and monsters lurk the world of Creepy Acres. Some are well known such as Bigfoot and the Yeti, while others are more obscure like the Thetis Lake Monster. Whatever the case, big or small, furry or scaly, they all have a home at Creepy Acres. 

Sam Squatch

Sam Squatch is just an ordinary guy. He loves his mom, his privacy, junk food, booze, and binge watching his favorite shows.

While Sam is good at many things, being a sasquatch isn’t one of them. He traded his natural animal instincts in long ago for an unlimited data plan for his iPhone.

Instead of a cave or some kind of nest made from weeds, Sam lives in an underground 1 bedroom apartment in the middle of the forest. Every Tuesday he calls his mom after taco night and every month he orders the WWA’s professional wrestling pay-per-view.

It was simple and boring. He had the perfect life, that was until the debut of a new TV show, “CryptidQuest”.

Now Sam finds himself on the run framed for a crime he didn’t commit and shunned by his cryptid cousins.

Skunk Ape

Every family has one…

Living in the swamps of Florida along side the meth labs and gators is a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, red neck known as the Skunk Ape.

Always looking for another fight or another beer, the Skunk Ape is a complete social disaster. The only thing he loves more than kicking ass and the confederate flag is his uncle daddy.


Living like a recluse in the Himalayan Mountains for decades, the Yeti has grown sad, lonely and frustrated. Where as his North American cousin, Sam Squatch, lives in a one bedroom studio apartment in the forest surrounded by the trappings of modern life, the Yeti lives in a desolate cave high in the mountains.

There his only companions seem to be the ice and the howling wind, and this has made him desperate for contact with someone… anyone!

Orang Pendek

The Orang Pendek, other than wandering around the jungles of Sumatra, spends most of his time on Twitter where he follows his cousin Sam Squatch’s mom among others.

The only thing shorter that the Orang Pendek’s height is his temper. A cranky little hominid, the Orang Pendek has little patience for fools; however, he thinks EVERYONE is a fool including his cousin Sam.


While the Australian Yowie closely resembles his North American cousin Sam Squatch, he does differ in a few ways.

1. He speaks with a thick Australian accent that makes him barely intelligible.

2. He’s far more at home in the wild.

When he’s not knocking drop bears out of trees he can be found sitting at home drinking beer and playing with his budgie.

Crawlspace the Clown

The only 2 things known for sure about the
colorful and silly little Crawlspace the Clown are:

1) He has dark violent side akin to Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde and…

2) He lives under you f@#king bed.

Max von Shreek

Max Von Shreek gave up the life of a bloodsucking demon years ago to pursue a different kind of night life, the life of a stand up vampire.

The only thing sharper than his fangs is his tongue and the only thing more offensive than his jokes is the stench of death about him.


Abner is an orange angry ball of fur.

In the 50’s he was the first monster the American government put into the top secret internment camp for monsters known as “Creepy Acres”.
He remained there for decades until an American president pardoned the creatures.

The camp was then turned over to the monsters who made it into a sanctuary for paranormal creatures.

Abner left and moved into a remote abandoned shack where he hoped he’d just be left alone, but as the search for cryptids increases Abner finds more and more monsters knocking at his door looking for directions to the fabled “Creepy Acres”.


Not just humans and cryptids populate the world of Creepy Acres as various animals can also be found!

Doug the Raccoon

Forest dweller, and part time trash bandit, Doug is as smart as he is furry. Living in a stump next door to his best friend Jerry Doug hopes someday to be the one who makes the trash and not just the one who eats it.

Jerry the Opossum

Jerry is just a simple Opossum that wants more than anything to just hang out with his buddy Doug. He wouldn’t hurt fly, or at least that’s what he wants you to think.