Beast of Bray Road

A hairy humanoid said to resemble an upright bipedal canine sighted just outsight Elkhart, Wisconsin.

One of its earliest sightings was reported in 1936 when a night watchman, Mark Schackelman, was on his nightly shift at St. Colleta, a Catholic Convent. Around midnight he reported seeing the creature atop a Native American burial mound clawing at the earth with its hands. It quickly fled after it realized it had been seen. The second night Schackelman again found the creature clawing at the top of the burial mounds. This time however, instead of fleeing, it stood up and faced Schackelman.

It was hunaoid in appearance but with a dog like muzzle, prominent fangs, and pointed ears. For all intense and purposes it apeared to be a werewolf. Again, it turned and fled, and that would have been the end of the story if 50 years later the sightings didn’t begin again.

1989, Lorianne Endrizzi while driving on Bray Road just outside Elkhorn, Wisconsin around 1:30am sees what she thinks is a man croutched down by the side of the road. As she slowed down to get a better look the figure stood and turned and Larianne understood at that moment she was looking upon the legendary Beast of Bray Road.