A mythical amphibious mammal said to haunt the inland waterways of Australia.

In the swamps and waterways of Austrlalia there is said to lurk a creature from Aboriginal myth and legend. It is commonly know as the “bunyip”. When translated loosely from the Wemba-Wemba language its name means “devil” or “evil spirit”.

The description of the bunyip is so varied it is near impossible to define. While one description speaks of a dog faced creature with a horse-like tail, walrus-like tusks, and a duck like-bill, another claims it is a more snake like beast. Still, others claim that it is in fact a remenant population of a thought to be extinct prehistoric marsupial, Diprotodon Australis.

The first reported sighting was in 1818 when James Meehan and explorer Hamilton Hume both found enormous bones in Lake Bathurst, Australia. They described the creature as being similar to a manatee or hippopotamus. While the descriptions of the bunyip may vary, all witnesses agree that it is some sort of aquatic mammal. Sightings still continue today.