Mythical balck dog with blazing red eyes from Wales that appears as a frightfule omen of doom.

In Wales there is a mythical tale of a huge mastiff or black wolf with blazing red eyes. This is “The Black Dog of Wales", or the “the Dog of Darkness”, or sometimes called “The Dog of Destiny”.

Legend says that the Gwyllgi stalks lonely travelars at night on dark deserted roads. It continues, that anyone who hears the beast’s howl, or looks into its fiery glowing eyes will be paralized with fear. There have been many sighting of this beast in the north east of Wales, specifically, the Nant y Garth pass located near Llandegla in Denbighshire.

It has even been spotted as far away as Marchwiel in Wrexham and as to this day there are still many sighting of this fearsome creature.