J’ba Fofi

A colossal spider resembling a tarantula thought to reside in the African Congo.

Creeping through the Congolese jungles of Africa is said to be an unknown species of arachnid. The local natives claim that it resembles a tarantula and is brownish in color.

It is said to dig a shallow tunnel under a trees roots and cover the entrance with a large bed of leaves. It then extends an almost invisible web between the burrow and a nearby tree. It then sets up a network of trip lines to alert the spider to the presence of prey. Once a line is tripped the J’ba Fofi chases its hapless victim into the waiting web. It is very similar to the entrapment used by some species of trap-door spiders.

In fact it resembles a common tarantula in many ways. except that it is enormous as it is claimed it has a leg span of 3 feet and are even said to feast upon small antelope!

The local natives claim that it once was very common but in recent years it has become very rare. Encroachment by civilization has driven the spider from its natural habitat.