Pterosaur-like creature said to live in the swamps of Western Zambie, Angole and Conga.

In the Mwinlunga district’s Jiudu swamps of Western Zambia, Angola and Congo is sadi to lurk a creature from a by gone epoch. The kongamato, with its large leathery wings, featherless body, and narrow head is said to resemble a pterosaur.

In his 1923 book, Witchbound Africa, Frank Milland describes a dangerous aggresive creature that lives along rivers attacking people and boats alike. Hence its name kongamato which means “breaker of boats”.

In 1956 an engineer named J. P. F. Brown reported seeing the creature at Fort Rosebery in Zambia (at the time it was known as Northern Rhodesia). Brown claimed to have seen 2 own the creatures slowly flying directly over him.

The following year at a hospital in Fort Rosebery a man arrived with a severe wound to his chest that he reported had been given to him by a large bird-like creature. When asked to draw a picture of the thing that had attacked him, the man allegedly drew pterosaur.