Mongolian Death Worm

A meter long worm found beneath the sands of the Gobi desert said to spit acid and bolts of electricity.

The desert people speak of a creature capable of spitting a yellow corrosive acid and generating bolts of electricity. Its native name is "Olgoi-Khorkhoi”, which means “intestine worm”, called such due to its being 2-7 feet long, thick bodied, and red in color.

The creature first came to attaention in the west as a result of Roy Chapman Andrew’s 1926 book On the Trail of Ancient Man. There he mentions that even though none of the Mongolian officials he spoke to had ever seen the beast, they all firmly believed in its existence.

Until 1990 Mongolia was under Soviet control, so discovering the truth was extremely difficult. It was’t even until recent years that investigators even began looking for evidence of its existence. Over these last few years numerous investigations have been made and still no evidence exists for this cryptid.