A winged cryptid that haunted the Point Pleasant area of West Virgina in the mid 1960s.

November 1966 - December 15, 1967
Point Pleasant, West Virgina

The legend of Mothman began as numerous sightings of a winged nightmare around what the locals called "the TNT area", a former WWII munitions plant & wildlife sanctuary.

Witnesses described a being 7 ft tall with the legs of a man & wings that spanned 10+ feet. Most haunting were the creature's red glowing eyes seemingly set in its chest as it had no discernible head.

Over the span of just over a year, the creature was spotted again and again by the locals.

On December 15, 1967 the Silver Bridge in Point Plesant collapsed killing 46 people. With this, the Motorman sightings stopped which lead to the rise in the theory that the Mothman was an omen of sorts warning of the tragidy.