A legendary giant bird believed in by certain North American indiginous people.

The myths and legends of many of the Native America tribes of the pacific Northwest and the great Lakes regions speak of giant birds of prey so large that the flapping of its wings caused thunder and lightning flashed from its eye. It was said to be so large that the creatures could carry away a man.

Most of these tales could be dismissed as simple folklore. Stories created by a superstitious people to explain the natural world around them, but people have been reporting gaint birds since settlers began venture further west into the United States and Canada.

July 25, 1977Three boys were playing outside in a residential backyard in Lawndale, Illinois. Two large birds approached and chased the boys. Two of the boys escaped unharmed but the thirdwasn’t so lucky. One of the giant birds reportedly clamped down unto his shoulder with is talons and lifted the boy 2 feet off the ground and carried him for some distance before the struggling boy broke free. Many have dismissed the story as urban legend.