The man eating tree said to grow in the jungles of Africa and Central America.

The world of cryptozoology is not limited to the pursuit of unknown fauna, but includes also the realm of flora as is evident with the ya-te-veo. The name translates as “I-see-you-already” and refers to a plant that is said to not only catch and consume large insects, but also feasts on man.

From Central and South America , with reports of similar plants in Africa as well as growing along the shores of the Indian Ocean, the Ya-te-veo is described as a plant with a thick short trunk like that of a tree. From the top extend long tendril-like appendages which work by siezinging prey and coiling around it, crushing and strangling its victim.

Some reports even claimed it had a crude eye with which to locate its prey.

In 1881, the German explorer Carl Liche told the tale of a demonically inteligent tree that feasted upon the members of the Mdoko tribe of Madagascar. A tree known as the ya-te-veo.