Ape-like entity that haunts the Himalayan Mountains and and the folklore of Nepal.

The scientific community generally regards the Yeti, given the lack of any conclusive evidence, as nothing more than folklore and legend. Despite this, the Yeti remains one of the most famous cryptid creatures in the world.

In pre-Buddhist times, the Himalayan people that inhabited the area were said to worship a “Glacier Being”. It was said to be a wild man whoose blood was used incertain rituals and mystical ceremonies.

In 1832, James Prinsep’s Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal published an account by B.H. Hodgson, a trekker in nothern Nepal, in which he describes spotting a large bi pedal creature covered in long dark hair. Hodgson believed it was an orangutan.

But it would not be until the 1950s, following several expeditions, that the Yeti would become a global sensation and eventually earn its nickname “the abominable snowman”.