Creepy Acres Episode 2 

Creepy Acres Ep 1

When the popularity of a new television show that investigates cryptid creatures (Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, etc.) explodes and becomes a global sensation, the world’s cryptids suddenly find themselves hunted and their secrecy threatened. Now, it is a race for the world’s monsters to find the fabled “Creepy Acres”, a hidden sanctuary for their kind, before their existence is exposed to the world.

Creepy Acres Ep 1 Part 1

When CryptidQuest, a new television show that investigates the existence of the many unknown creatures that haunt our world debuts, one unlikely viewer has the shock of his life.

Creepy Acres Ep 1 Part 2

As CryptidQuest’s first episode continues to air, Sam gets inundated with phone calls from his concerned and less than comforting family.

Creepy Acres Ep 1 Part 3

While the first episode of CrytidQuest comes to a close, it’s host Nathaniel Leonards makes an announcement that forces Sam to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Ep 1 Mega CUT

This is the CryptidQuest episode 1, part 1, 2, 3 all in one enjoy.

Creepy Acres EXTRAS!

Sometimes great pieces don’t make it into the final episode and instead they end up on the cutting room floor. These may be cut for time or perhaps multiple takes were shot. Sometimes we were just testing the puppets on camera, and sometimes we were just playing around while the cameras were rolling. Still, other times we shot footage for
promotional materials that aren’t necassarily meant for the public.

In any case, we save all that for here, Creepy Acres EXTRAS.

Abner’s History of
Creepy Acres.

Abner explains the what, when and why of exactly how Creepy Acres came to be in his own unique way.

Max von Shreeks at the
Comedy Crypt!

Max von Shreek lives his dream of being a stand up vampire at the only comedy club in Creepy Acres, “The Comedy Crypt!”.

Sam Squatch’s Audition

This is where it all started. Where the seeds of Creepy Acres were sewn. Here is the very first Sam Squatch puppet auditioning for a fictional paranormal investigation show titled “ParaQuest”. At the beginning you might even recognize Willard Farmer as the clapboard operator.

Abner’s Day in the Country

Just some fun messing around with some cows.

Abner’s ABC's

Abner teaches his version of the alphabet.


This is the first video of Abner taken shortly after he was built. It was shot in an old garage and a lot of who he would become as a character came from this early video.

He was envisioned as an Archie Bunker type character and modeled after a lot of the old men who lived in my home town. Guys who might say racist things but are too old to realize what theyre saying is racist.

Greetings from the Great Collective...

This features a lot of terrible puppetry but considering it was all done in one take by one person it came out alright. Appearing as aliens here they have since been reasigned as lizard men in Creepy Acres.

Take the Photo

The original Willard Farmer puppet before the decision was made to made all the human characters look more human in skin tones.

Sadly, Willard is still single

el Chupabaro

The first test of Antonio el Chupacabro. As he often explains, el chupacaBRA is the female of the species. He is el chupacaBRO, the male of the species.

Does a bear...

Just some fun answering the age old question. Does a bear S#it in the woods?

Oregon Bigfoot Festival 2017

Heading A Creepy Acres PSA involving your Crawlspace



Crawlspace the clown