The Cryptids (so far)

Countless Cryptids and monsters lurk the world of Creepy Acres. Some are well known such as Bigfoot and the Yeti, while others are more obscure like the Thetis Lake Monster. Whatever the case, big or small, furry or scaly, they all have a home at Creepy Acres.

Skunk Ape

Every family has one…

Living in the swamps of Florida along side the meth labs and gators is a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, red neck known as the Skunk Ape.

Always looking for another fight or another beer, the Skunk Ape is a complete social disaster. The only thing he loves more than kicking ass and the confederate flag is his uncle daddy.


Living like a recluse in the Himalayan Mountains for decades, the Yeti has grown sad, lonely and frustrated. Where as his North American cousin, Sam Squatch, lives in a one bedroom studio apartment in the forest surrounded by the trappings of modern life, the Yeti lives in a desolate cave high in the mountains.

There his only companions seem to be the ice and the howling wind, and this has made him desperate for contact with someone… anyone!

Orang Pendek

The Orang Pendek, other than wandering around the jungles of Sumatra, spends most of his time on Twitter where he follows his cousin Sam Squatch’s mom among others.

The only thing shorter that the Orang Pendek’s height is his temper. A cranky little hominid, the Orang Pendek has little patience for fools; however, he thinks EVERYONE is a fool including his cousin Sam.


While the Australian Yowie closely resembles his North American cousin Sam Squatch, he does differ in a few ways.

1. He speaks with a thick Australian accent that makes him barely intelligible.

2. He’s far more at home in the wild.

When he’s not knocking drop bears out of trees he can be found sitting at home drinking beer and playing with his budgie.


He’s had many names over the years: dogman, Beast of Bray road, etc., but hejust goes by Bruce. Bruce is just a regular run of the mill dog man who calls themid west home. The classic party animal, his days are pretty quiet but his nightscan get crazy.

Usually spotted drunk or hung over on the side of the road trying toconvince himself not to throw up. Although many mistake this as him eating roadkillwhen they approach him all hunched over on the shoulder of a dark country road.As a midwesterner he’s extremely passive aggressive and has a tendency to lick all
the hair off areas of his body when his nerves get the better of him. His dating life has
just been one bitch after another… literally.


A native to North Carolina, George is much smaller than his famous brother Chris who
lives around Bishopville, South Carolina.

George traded in the monstrous size and
menacing physique that is normal for his kind for big bug eyes and a golden smooth voice.

Since he’s a reptile he has all the problems that regular reptiles do: he sheds, he doesn’t do well in the cold, he has a tendency to just "zone out”and stare, and he like domestic beer rather than imported… just like regular reptiles.


Not much is known about Kelly. Not even his? Her? It’s? name. After Antonio, George, and Brucemet Kelly they couldn’t get it to talk.

Since they couldn’t learn it’s name they decided they neededto name it. After some frightening interactions Bruce named it Kelly after an old girlfriend becauseshe too was a scary ass bitch.

Possibly from Hopkinsville Kentucky, or maybe much much further away,Kelly is a creepy wildcard. Only time will tell what is going on with this silent but frightening creature.

Antonio el Chupacabro

Originally from Puerto Rico, Antonio was used to being hunted long before “CryptidQuest” came on the air. Antonio is a Chupacabro, the male of his species, and as such has been ruthlessly hunted by female chupacabras for years.

The mating habits of the creature are quite unique in the cryptid world. Females being the aggressor in this species will violently attack a male to incapacitate him for breeding purposes. After a successful coupling she will often devour the male of his blood for nourishment for her coming brood.

To prevent this males will lop off their horns so that they will more resemble common goats. They will then hide in goat herds for protection. Females and monstrous and vicious but they are also easily tricked. Usually not even noticing that the victim they just drained of blood isn’t a male chupacabro but just a common goat.

Hiding in these herds Antonio has been able to move his way from Puerto Rico to Mexico, then up through the southern United States. He still considers himself a lover even though love with a chupacabra means certain doom. Above all Antonio might be a bit skittish but he’s a survivor.

Crawlspace the Clown

The only 2 things known for sure about the
colorful and silly little Crawlspace the Clown are:

1) He has dark violent side akin to Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde and…

2) He lives under you f@#king bed.

Max von Shreek

Max Von Shreek gave up the life of a bloodsucking demon years ago to pursue a different kind of night life, the life of a stand up vampire.

The only thing sharper than his fangs is his tongue and the only thing more offensive than his jokes is the stench of death about him.


Abner is an orange angry ball of fur.

In the 50’s he was the first monster the American government put into the top secret internment camp for monsters known as “Creepy Acres”.
He remained there for decades until an American president pardoned the creatures.

The camp was then turned over to the monsters who made it into a sanctuary for paranormal creatures.

Abner left and moved into a remote abandoned shack where he hoped he’d just be left alone, but as the search for cryptids increases Abner finds more and more monsters knocking at his door looking for directions to the fabled “Creepy Acres”.